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Advanced PHP/MySQL article directory software
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12 January 2013

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This is a script package that helps set up an article directory.

WSN KB is an article directory that helps increase your exposure to search engines. Search engine optimizations have been done so that when you have targeted articles, you could achieve higher rankings that, in turn, mean higher traffic flow to your site. The code package helps make the article database extensible. The articles published can have unlimited fields. You are able to add or customize templates. It is possible to write plug-ins. End users, the visitors to your site can have features of rating, email, save, or comment on each article. Article/content marketing is a well-known mode of marketing a business on the web. This article directory can be set up such that marketing through it could be made effective. It will automatically post RSS feeds of prepared content. It could be used as a CMS, or used as a simple knowledge base. The tool offers a rich text editor that allows easy composition of content. While this has a large range of features, you can turn off what is not needed for you.

The site that you set up has the capability to automatically update itself. No security patch updates will be missed. The developers take the effort to keep the code updated on a regular basis. The set is simple and quick. You could set it up as a simple, recommended or a fairly sophisticated configuration. It is possible to pick and choose whatever feature are needed through a series of ”switches”. If you do have a plan to set up an article directory, this code package can set you up very quickly; a very good tool.

Publisher's description

WSN KB is an article directory with SEO tools to increase your exposure. The WYSIWYG editor makes composing articles easy. The software is highly extensible, with the ability to add unlimited fields, customize/add templates, translate, integrate membership, write plugins and so on. Visitors may rate, email, save, or comment on each article. The administration panel offers full control with hundreds of options, but with the ability to turn off what you don't need.
WSN Knowledge Base
WSN Knowledge Base
Version 7.1.17
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